Dear Valued Customers!

In order to continue providing you with the best spa environment, our banya will be closed from August 1st to August 31st for a renovation and beautification.

Thank you for understanding.

Dear Valued Customers!

Starting January 1st, 2019 the following prices will be in effect:
Admission fee for adults - $50.00
Admission fee for senior citizens - $40.00
Admission fee for children - $45.00
10 visits card - $450

Prices for other services and packages stay the same, no increases.
Also, please Notice! According to our Certificate of Occupancy by the Department of Buildings of New York our last admission time is 8:00pm sharp. After 8:00pm no admission to our Banya will be allowed.


Dear guests, starting December 1st 2018 no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed. In other words, starting this December you can no longer bring your own alcohol to our spa.

Dear Friends!

Our bania has reopened after the extensive beautification and renovation! Now you can enjoy your summer even more with our renovated backyard and the outdoor smoking area. We also expanded our lobby, added the pool room, made the ice room bigger and our interiors design even cozier with the birch hallway. Our massage services and new massage room are also there for you, so you can relax even more at our spa. Also, we made the permanent entrance enclosure to keep your even warmer during the winter.

Summer special!

10-Visit Card is only $450. Effective immediately.
(This promotion is good till September 30th. After September 30th if you have unused visits from this promotional card, you can still use them, but you would have to pay $15 extra per visit.)

Our Renovation

We are continuing our efforts to make Mermaid Spa ever more convenient and accommodating. Starting at the end of April and trough the end of July we will be renovating our banya. Mermaid Spa will remain open for the duration of this work. We may be closed just for a few days, but not more than that. Our goals for this renovation are to add an isolated and ventilated smoking room that will have heated floor. We will add more beach beds, chairs and tables to our backyard. Additionally, we will expand our reception area and add a new massage room. You can review an architectural drawing below.

Our Services:

Room For Groups (The Birch Room)
The Birch Room is finished with Birch Trunks and Cedar Boards. The combination of Birch and Cedar exudes unique aromas creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The Birch Room is integrated into a large resting area and is only a few feet away from all Banyas, Steam Room, Plunge Pools and Whirlpool, yet still provides privacy for your group. It has its own air conditioning and independently operated TV. The Birch Room can accommodate up to 13 people and is offered in 5 hour time slots only (For information about our hours of operation, please call us at (347) 462-2166) for the price of $650.00 per five hour slot. It can be reserved in advance for a $200.00 refundable deposit. The deposit can be refunded provided that the reservation is canceled within 24 hours prior to the scheduled reservation.

Russian steam room
An authentic Russian room with a stove made with granite rocks heated overnight to radiate intense heat. The stove has a hole to throw the water into. By throwing water on stones heated to extreme temperatures behind metal doors, steam droplets of exceptionally small size are created; this makes breathing easy and enjoyable. The temperatures usually do not exceed 80C/180F. Here people often hit themselves or others with bunches of dried branches and leaves from white birch or other suitable trees.

Russian steam room with cold water
Here visitors can take a cold shower without having to leave the steam room.

A real wooden Finish sauna with dry heat (low humidity) and a constant 200F temperature. Finer control over the temperature experienced can be achieved by choosing a higher level bench for those wishing a hotter experience or a lower level bench for a more moderate temperature.

Steam room - high humidity (Turkish bath)
This steam room offers the added health benefit of steam inhalation. Fresh eucalyptus and mint are added to the steam.

Ice Sauna

Mermaid Spas circular Jacuzzi is one of the biggest in New York. Its located inside a lodge-like wooden hall.

Tile pools
Two tile pools are machine-fed with chopped ice.

Korean heated bench
A perfect place to sit and rest after a visit to the steam room.

Traditional Russian platza inside of a steam room with soap and venik (a leafy bundle) is available.
Scrub - $70.00
Body Wash (in steam room only) - $60.00
Platza - $50.00
Platza with soap - $60.00

The restaurant has authentic Russian dishes that you would not want to miss. Traditional Russian vodka, cold beer and freshly squeezed juices are also available. The dining area is cozy.

3,500 sq. feet. A quiet and relaxing resting area with trees, grass and comfortable beach chairs.

Massage 15 min. - $40.00
Massage 30 min. - $65.00
Massage 45 min. - $80.00
Massage 1 hr. - $95.00

Pool room.

Outdoor smoking area.


Membership, Admission and Other Fees:

Membership packages:
Admission fee for adults - $50.00;
Admission fee for senior citizens - $40.00;
Admission fee for children - $45.00;
Body Scrub (inside of Steam Room only) - $70.00
Body Wash (inside of Steam Room only) - $60.00
Platza (Parka) - $50.00
Platza with soap (inside of Steam Room only) - $60.00

Children below 50 inches in height are not permitted to use our facility.
You can also purchase Gift Certificate. This Gift Certificate can be used to cover admission fees, food, drinks and any services offered at Mermaid Spa. It can also be used towards a purchase of our Membership packages.

Become a member and save! Membership packages and prices:
10 visits card - $450.00;
10 visits card senior - $350.00;
6 months / 26 visits per 6 months - $960.00;
6 months, unlimited number of visits - $1600.00;
1 year / 52 visits per 1 year - $1,870.00;
1 year, unlimited number of visits - $3,000.00;

If you purchase a membership for someone else or a Gift Certificate that is going to be used to obtain a membership, please give the name of this person to our receptionist.

Memberships can only be used by registered members and are not transferable.

Our Policies

- We reserve the right to refuse admission and service at this establishment to anyone at our own discretion.
- Photos taking or video recordings are not allowed. Violators will be forced to leave the facility without any refunds.
- No smoking including electronic cigarettes allowed on the premises. Smoking is permitted only in open designated area indicated by the "SMOKING AREA" signs.
- Please keep quiet.
- Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the pools without adult supervision.
- Warning. You are entering saunas and bathing facility area on your own risk! Always be aware of wet floors use only anti-slip footwear. Always be aware of hot ovens in saunas and steam rooms. Always adhere to all posted warning signs.
- All sales final no refunds no returns.
- Do not lose Your keys!!! The charge for the lost keys is 25.00 dollars.
- No food from outside is allowed (except fruits and vegetables). Attention: guests who brought food from outside fruits, vegetables and any drinks will be charged $1.50 per person for our disposables tableware and following cleanup.
- We are not responsible for any valuables left unattended. We do not examine video surveillance recordings in search for valuables left unattended.
- We are not responsible for jewelry, watches, cash and electronics left at front desk storage.
- Our 45.00 dollar entrance fee covers the cost of a single seat & full use of the facility. Seats are sold on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to sit patrons in any available seat. We reserve the right to move seated patrons at our own discretion.
- No glass allowed (including glass bottles).
- In our saunas (banyas) you can only use aromatherapy essential oils that you bought at our front desk.
- Only our attendants can use water buckets in the steam rooms.
- No outside alcoholic beverages permitted.
- Children below 50 inches in height are not permitted to use our facility.

Business hours:

For information about our hours of operation, please call us at (347) 462-2166


Look at the map:

Look at the map:

Mermaid Spa
3703 Mermaid Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224 (near the corner of West 37th Street)
(347) 462-2166.
Near Sea Gate community. Do not enter Sea Gate's main entrance, go around, from Surf Avenue make a right and within 150 feet you should see our black gate.

Subway: last stop on D, F, N, Q - Coney Island / Stillwell Avenue.
Bus: stop Sea Gate - B 36, B 74.
Free parking.

Contact Us: